Gun Violence is Our Responsibility

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It was easy to tell myself I wasn’t doing work that supported the NRA.

Until a man walked into a club in Orlando and killed 49 people, injuring over 50 others. Once again, dozens of innocent people were dead. Our nation mourned. Vigils were held. Arguments raged. Who is culpable for letting this happen again?

I was. And I didn’t act alone.Read More

Rising Maternal Death Rate in the US: C-sections, VBACs and evidence-based care

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“A lot of people think that the United States is the best place in the world to have a baby, and that’s just not true. It’s the most dangerous place in the developed world to have a baby.” This statement by artist and birth justice advocate Michelle Hartney may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s hard to argue with the statistics. Hartney is part of a growing movement fighting for women’s right to choose when it comes to their maternal health care.Read More

Domestice Violence and our NH Courts

Domestic Violence Survivors Deserve a Better Court Model

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This was one of the hardest pieces of public writing I’ve done, but I did it for the same reason that so many other brave women have shared their stories and the stories of their family. Because silence — in domestic violence cases, as in other forms of abuse — is enabling, and speaking up can help others in similar situations, and can even result in justice in your own case.

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freeze response to sexual assault

Freezing: The Unspoken — Yet Common — Response to Trauma & Sexual Assualt

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As Sexual Assault Awareness Month approaches, I hope we’re all about to learn more about how to prevent sexual assault and get better as a society at supporting survivors. In that spirit, I wrote about the “freeze” response in my most recent op-ed for Seacoast Sunday (Fosters Daily Democrat/The Portsmouth Herald), Freezing: A Common Response to Sexual Assault.Read More

StandwithPP Crystal Paradis Planned Parenthood endorsement event C-SPAN

Reproductive Justice Means Access to Care

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As an uninsured young adult working three jobs, Planned Parenthood was my only option for access to birth control and well-woman exams. Since they were there for me to provide much-needed sex education, information on and access to birth control and compassionate, professional health care, I’ve become outspoken about reproductive justice and the fact that I #StandWithPP.Read More

name brainstorming

Name Brainstorming “Secret Sauce”: Taxonomy

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Name brainstorming is one of my favorite things parts of #agencylife. Since I work at a design and marketing agency, clients often ask to us to name their new brand, company or website — and sometimes an established brand will need to name a new campaign, blog or product.

But just because we do this all the time doesn’t mean there isn’t more to learn. So I was happy to get an exciting nomenclature refresher and expanded name brainstorming toolkit at the last #DigitalPorts. The secret sauce my process had missing? Taxonomy.Read More

end the attacks on planned parenthood

Calling for an end to the attacks on Planned Parenthood

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Once the attacks on Planned Parenthood were proven to be a coordinated smear campaign, I joined Senator Shaheen from New Hampshire, along with Senators Patty Murray and Richard Blumenthal, along with Representatives Diana DeGette, and Jan Schakowsky, to call for an end to the efforts to take away access to necessary health care services.

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Copywriting — How to Write for Other People

The Art of Copywriting — How to Write for Other People

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My favorite quarterly Portsmouth event is Digital Portsmouth (#DigitalPorts to us on Twitter). This time around, the theme was “The Art of Copywriting” and we covered all kinds of writing — straight-up marketing copy, personal blogging, tweeting, Facebook posting, email marketing, name brainstorming, etc. The event took place at The Music Hall Loft.Read More

what can i do about the refugee crisis?

The Global Refugee Crisis — And What You Can Do About It From Portsmouth, NH

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According to UNCHR’s 2015 Mid-Year Trends Report, “the global refugee total, which a year ago was 19.5 million, had as of mid-2015 passed the 20 million threshold (20.2 million) for the first time since 1992. Asylum applications meanwhile were up 78 per cent (993,600) over the same period in 2014. And the numbers of internally displaced people jumped by around 2 million to an estimated 34 million.

Indications from the first half of the year suggest 2015 is on track to see worldwide forced displacement exceeding 60 million for the first time. In a global context, that means that one person in every 122 has been forced to flee their home.” (Source: UNHCR)

How do you even wrap your brain around such a crisis?

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TEDx Ideas

TEDGlobal > Geneva: Bringing Global Ideas Back to Portsmouth, NH for TEDxPiscataquaRiver

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There is something amazing about coming together with people from all over the world, who are all focused on discovering and spreading ideas in their communities.


I went to Geneva, a global capital of humanitarian efforts, peace and cultural diplomacy, for TEDGlobal > Geneva, along with 500 other TEDx organizers who came to learn from each other, get inspired and share ideas.

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